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What is Wresy

what-is-wresy-picWRESY is a system designed to recycle irrigation runoff and rain water. Water is captured at the major points of runoff and is transferred via drain lines into a patented tank, made of recycled plastic that is concealed underground. As the water level rises in the tank, a float switch is activated, and the WRESY control board arms the system. When lawn sprinkling commences, the WRESY pump begins to pull the reclaimed water from the tank(s) and push it through the normal sprinkler system.

The WRESY system is able to isolate the domestic water line, so that water can flow from the WRESY tank(s) through the irrigation system without any potential contamination of the domestic water line. The WRESY system continues to collect water and pump it straight through in to the sprinkler system until the cycle is completed or the water level in the tank falls below the float switch, in which case the control board disarms the WRESY. When the WRESY is not armed, the sprinkler system can continue to irrigate with the domestic water supply, and the WRESY tank will continue to collect that water for reuse.

Initial pilot testing sites are showing water savings of 5,000 to 10,000 gallons per month based on a traditional residential installation. WRESY can adapt to any size property, including commercial applications such as golf courses. Agricultural applications are also in planning for WRESY. The potential water savings for the WRESY are enormous when all potential markets are considered.

WRESY not only saves water and money, but it reduces polluted water from hitting our beaches while keeping streets and roads clear of algae and sludge that’s caused by runoff lying stagnant in our street curbs.

  • Yard sprinklers generate runoff water during watering process
  • Typical residential applications can produce 250-500 gallons of runoff per watering day
  • This is incompatible with present water resources, water restrictions, and conservation efforts
  • Rain runoff can now be collected and used when needed
  • Reducing sprinkler run time may result in insufficient watering and damage to landscape – WRESY™ saves water and your landscape
  • Collection and recycling of runoff water reduces load on water resources and provides cost savings



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