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In 2009 Anthony J. Criss, the owner/operator of AJ Criss Industries (a San Diego Landscape Contracting Company with over 45 years of experience) recognized a problem within his local communities: the water from everyday landscape irrigation was running down driveways, onto streets & eventually into our sewage drains… and for Home Owners, there was no easy way to stop this unused water & hard-earned money from literally “going down the drain”.

After months of discussions with his client & friend, Cel Gaeta (an engineer with US Patent expertise), they began formulating an idea for a residential water recycling system that focused on capturing & reusing the irrigation waste water our homes produce. This exciting idea + 4 years of collaboration eventually led to the creation of the WRESY™ Water Recycling System.

WRESY, which stands for Water Recycling System, is an engineering masterpiece that combines a home’s pre-existing drain pipes, with easily-installed 150 gallon water drums, and WRESY’s patented system of valves and pumps into a simple and easy-to-use process to recycle & reuse irrigation run-off & rain water run-off.

In recent years, California has experienced a water shortage, a crisis that has affected our local San Diego communities. City and State governments have had countless debates, come up with multiple propositions, and passed several regulations in an attempt to alleviate the increasing reality of water shortages… and NOW, Facing Unprecedented drought conditions, the California State Water Board adopted water-use reduction mandates on May 5th to implement Governor Jerry Brown’s April 1st 2015 executive order for a 25% statewide reduction in urban water use.

In the San Diego region, the state’s mandate translates to water-saving targets between 12%-36% for the Water Authorities retail member agencies starting June 1 and lasting through February 2016 – a daunting task that will require everyone in the region to increase water-saving efforts.

Nearly ALL San Diego County Communities have required their residents to limit their use of outdoor water, including specific water days & times for landscapes and yards. Also, the local municipal water companies have implemented a Tiered Water System in order to measure water usage and appropriately charge home owners who choose to use more water than their neighbors… and $500 FINES for those San Diego property owners that are considered “Water Wasters”.

Now that we are into the Fourth Year of the California Drought, and experts agree that there is little relief hope in sight… we could not think of a better time to introduce the WRESY™ Water Recycling System to our San Diego Communities & the World. With literally MILLIONS of Gallons of Water “running down the drain” every day in the United States, let’s work Together for a Better & Wetter Tomorrow!



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