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The Past, Present & Future of Residential Water Recycling

WaterSense Homes PASTResidential Water Recycling

If you asked a California Home Owner 20-30 years ago – “What is Residential Water Recycling?” – the majority of home owners would have a blank look on their face, while a small minority of environmentally sensitive home owners would potentially mention “using the waste water from my clothes washing machine, to water my flower beds”. But truthfully, these would have been the only 2 possible answers available at the time.

Residential Water Recycling, also known as Home Water Recycling, is a relatively new phrase in the world of Home Ownership. As California Home Owners we are very familiar with “Recycling” in general, such as Plastic, Paper & Glass Recycling, but residential water recycling was confined to the Industrial & Commercial Industries… State Water Authorities & Major City Agencies were the only entities truly creating the plans & infrastructure required to safely and repeatedly recycle water for potable use (drinkable water).

Now a days, due to the infamous 4 year California Drought we are currently experiencing, all California Home Owners are being forced to become environmentally sensitive. In order to intelligently manage your home’s water usage, and to avoid any fines or fees from your local water authority, Home Owners are being forced to become Water Smart.

CURRENTHome Water Recycling

Today, if you asked the average California Home Owner the same question – “What is Residential Water Recycling?” – the majority of home owners would spout off things such as Grey Water Recycling, Rain Barrels or Rain Harvesting, and potentially desalinization or “purple pipes” (If you live in San Diego County or Southern California). The use & re-use of water is TOP-OF-MIND for most California Home Owners and that is exactly how it should be!

Here is a list of “Home Water Recycling” Options for your current Southern California Home:

1. Grey Water Recycling – the relatively clean waste water from baths, sinks, washing machines, and other kitchen appliances. It is not water that has come into contact with feces, either from the toilet or from washing diapers. Greywater may contain traces of dirt, food, grease, hair, and certain household cleaning products.

Nexus eWater – Unleash the power of grey water with products that recycle water and generate energy from Nexus eWater. (

2. Irrigation Run-off Recycling – Irrigation Runoff is potable water that is wasted due to inefficient irrigation practices. This water is wasted by hitting our sidewalks, driveways and streets while our sprinklers are watering our yards. It is also created by watering when it’s windy out and watering with too much pressure in your system.

WRESY Water Recycling System – The Water Recycling System (WRESY) is a unique application designed to give homeowners the ability to recapture water from irrigation runoff & rain water runoff that can be recycled through their sprinkler systems. (

3. Rain Barrel or Rain Harvesting – Rain Water Runoff is what occurs when rain is not absorbed by the ground on which it falls and so then flows downhill. Homeowners typically experience this as “the water flowing off the roofs of their home, that flows through the home’s rain water downspouts & out to our street curbs.”

Rain Barrel International – Rain Barrels Intl is the leading resource of Rain Barrels for Rain Water Recycling, Renewable Water Solutions, Water Recycling and all things Green & Eco. (

FUTUREComplete Home Water Recycling

The Future of Residential Water Recycling is what we like to call “Complete Home Water Recycling“… California Home Builders have begun instituting many changes to there current & future home building projects to include Grey Water Access Plumbing, Low Flow Interior Water Fixtures, WaterSmart Outdoor Irrigation Technology and Improved Rain Run-off Catchment Infrastructure. This will provide future home owners with Built-It Infrastructure that allows them to easily & efficiently conserve, recycle & reuse the waste water our homes produce, both inside & outside the home.

A Great example of the “future of Home Water Recycling” is KB Homes… currently KB Homes is partnering with Nexus eWater to build 50 new homes in San Diego that have been designed to already include a Complete Residential Grey Water Recycling System! Learn More

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