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Residential Water Recycling Systems Rancho Santa Fe CA

Types of residential water recycling systems in Rancho Santa Fe CA

In Rancho Santa Fe, water preservation and recycling is a topic on everyone’s mind. The recent drought has led many homeowners to look for water saving options as well as to research different water recycling processes. Obviously, there are many benefits to preserving and recycling water during these difficult times. There are also many options available to help people recycle different types of water in order to save money and protect the environment.

3 Types of Water Recycling Systems

When looking for water recycling options in Rancho Santa Fe CA there are three options to consider:

Grey Water Recycling

Grey water recycling refers to any dirty water that has been dirtied from cleaning and water that has not come into contact with contaminants, specifically feces. Grey water can however contain food, grease, dirt or cleaning products.

Using the Nexus eWater system Grey Water can be purified and decontaminated to be re-used. The Nexus eWater system is the best way to recycle water categorized as Grey Water.

Irrigation Run Off Recycling

Irrigation refers to potable water that has been wasted because of inefficient irrigation systems. This is any water that runs off onto sidewalks, driveways and streets when yards are being watered. Irrigation Run Off can also include water that is relocated by wind or bad weather.

Using the WRESY Water Recycling System you can recapture some of the water lost due to irrigation run off and recycle this. This is a popular form of residential water recycling in Rancho Santa Fe CA.

Rain Barrel

Rain Barrel water refers simply to water that is captured in a rain barrel. Homeowners can maximize the amount of water that they capture in a rain barrel by placing the barrel at the bottom of a downspout.

Anyone interested in Rain Barrel water recycling can do so simply by accumulating a Rain Barrel for their own. Rain Barrels INTL is one of the leading providers of residential rain barrels in the United States.

Now that you know what the most popular rain water recycling options you can choose which recycling option best suits your needs.

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