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Residential Water Recycling Systems La Jolla CA

Back 20 years ago nobody in La Jolla CA knew about residential water recycling systems! Now in 2015 the majority of homeowners are aware of the importance of water recycling.

Nowadays, water recycling isn’t just for the environmentally sensitive. Because of drought, water recycling has become an important concern for residents in California. Every day more and more people are jumping on the water recycling bandwagon and are looking for options that allow them to reuse the “waste water” from their washing machines, showers and sinks.

As the need for residential water recycling options has grown so has the technology. Residential water recycling, also known as home water recycling it is an important new trend that homeowners are taking very seriously. In California residents are becoming extremely aware of the value of waste water reuse and are now investing in systems that allow them to throw away as little water as possible.

The State Water Authorities in cities, including La Jolla CA have started to create plans and new infrastructures to safely and repeatedly re-use water for potable use. (Drinkable water)

Since we are currently in the middle of a 4 year drought, all residents have to consider new ways to save water. Investing in water recycling systems is a cost effective and efficient way to do this.

There are currently a few different residential options for water recycling. These include:

  • Grey Water Recycling
  • Irrigation Run-Off Recycling
  • Rain Barrel or Rain Harvesting

We hope that in the future water recycling will be the common norm for people living in La Jolla and throughout California. Home builders have begun taking into account water recycling when designing homes. Eventually water recycling systems will be integrated into all new homes.

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