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Learn How the WRESY Water Recycling System Works

3878869_origThe Water Recycling System, WRESY™ is a unique application designed to give homeowners the ability to recapture water from irrigation and rain runoff that can be recycled through their sprinkler systems. It is estimated that approximately 80% of all water used for domestic household irrigation is currently going down the drain. The WRESY™ System helps homeowners recapture and reuse that water while saving natural resources and reducing water bills.

How the WRESY, Water Recycling System Works:
STEP 1 : When normal irrigation occurs as scheduled, over 80% of that water is wasted runoff and goes down the drain.
STEP 2 : When the Water Recycling System, known as WRESY, is installed, it captures that runoff and is ready to recycle it back on to your landscaping.
STEP 3 : The water runoff moves through the irrigation drain lines towards the patented WRESY tank(s) that are concealed underground. All drain lines lead to the WRESY tanks – Wasted water is a thing of the past.
STEP 4 : The WRESY tank(s) fills with irrigation and rain runoff and is ready to recycle that water back on to your landscaping. The WRESY knows when it is full and ready to go back to work!
STEP 5 : When water is in the tank, the system is armed and the control board lets the pump know there is recycled water ready for use. The WRESY will draw water from the tank whenever possible, isolating the domestic water. The pump turns on and begins to draw water from the tank(s) and sends it through the irrigation valves located on the exterior of the home.
STEP 6 : The irrigation valves control when and where the water goes. The recycled water is then run through the sprinkler system and the WRESY cycle continues.
STEP 7 : When there isn’t sufficient water in the WRESY tank, the sprinkler system is fed by the domestic water supply, and the WRESY continues to collect water runoff.

– To Learn more & to see our How WRESY Works” Video Presentation – Click Here

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