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How Wresy Works

how-wresy-works-thumbThe Water Recycling System (WRESY™) is a unique application designed to give homeowners the ability to recapture water from irrigation runoff that can be recycled through their sprinkler systems.

It is estimated that approximately 80% of all water used for domestic household irrigation is currently going down the drain, and the WRESY helps homeowners recapture and reuse that water which saves natural resources and reduces water bills. Saves Water, Saves Money & Saves Your Landscaping!

How the WRESY Water Recycling System Works

  1. Water is captured at the major points of irrigation runoff and rainwater accumulation and directed into at least one high-capacity Water Tank.
  2. As the water level rises in the Water Tank, the Lower Float Switch is activated.
  3. When the water level has risen sufficiently in the Water Tank, the Upper Float Switch is activated.
  4. The WRESY Control Board now arms the system.
  5. A house’s normal sprinkler system turns on and normal lawn watering begins.
  6. The WRESY Control Board then turns on the WRESY Pump.
  7. The WRESY Pump begins to pull water from the Water Tank(s) and pushes it through the house’s normal sprinkler system.
  8. Because the recycled water from the WRESY is flowing at a greater pressure (pounds per square inch or PSI) than the typical domestic water supply, the majority of the water being used for irrigation is now coming from the WRESY.
  9. The WRESY continues to collect water and pump it through the sprinkler system until the sprinkler system is turned off or the water level in one of the Water Tank(s) falls below the Lower Float Switch. At this time the WRESY Control Board disarms the WRESY.
  10. Depending upon how much watering time is needed to fulfill a homeowner’s irrigation needs; this process may be repeated until the sprinkler system finishes all scheduled water cycles.
  11. When the WRESY system is not armed, the normal sprinkler system draws water only from the standard water supply to the sprinkler system.
  12. The WRESY system continues to collect irrigation and rainwater runoff until the next irrigation cycle begins.



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