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At WRESY, our main focus is the conservation of natural resources. We understand the enormity of our current water shortage and are committed to doing our part to save the world’s most valuable natural resource. We are devoted to being a reliable and dependable company for our customers, while acting as innovative leaders in water conservation.

WRESY Core Values

Vision: WRESY’s vision is to be a leader in water conservation. Through our innovative product design and highly effective water savings, WRESY can lead the way for water reuse and conservation practices.

Innovation: Innovation is a major focus in all of our projects. This value is an integral part of our project management as we focus on technological design, product quality, and the welfare of our customers in every project we complete.

Passion: The WRESY team all share a great passion and motivation for resource conservation and customer service, which is exemplified in our product and services.

Service: WRESY is devoted to serve our customers and serve our planet. We have created a product that can do both, and we are committed to help it succeed.

Integrity: Integrity is a primary value of our company. We are a trustworthy, honest, and forward-thinking team that strives to develop sincere relationships with all of our customers, employees, and vendors.

Resourcefulness: WRESY is an extremely resourceful and ground-breaking company that has designed, developed, and launched an amazing new product. We are proud of our work and want to promote our vision to others.

Commitment: At WRESY we are completely committed to pioneering a product that will be dependable and efficient for the property owner, as well as a gift to our planet.


The WRESY™ is a unique, one of a kind, system that seamlessly recycles irrigation and rain runoff back on to your landscaping. As water becomes in greater demand, the patented WRESY goes to work making sure wasted runoff is a thing of the past. The water savings are impressive and even greater when a commercial application is installed. Not only is the WRESY™ saving one of our most valuable resources, water, it saves the lush landscapes around our homes, parks, and other public spaces.

Our History

For years, the owner/inventor of the WRESY™ Water Recycling System, Tony Criss, watched his beautiful landscapes grow into lush dreamscapes… However; he noticed something that was consistent with most of the projects… Irrigation (sprinklers) is used in almost every landscape installation & Tony watched as the runoff from the sprinkler systems went down the storm drains. Wanting to make a difference, Tony decided to change the way we watered our landscaping and save one of our most valuable resources… Water!



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